Celebrate Every Season: Annual Events in New Bern, North Carolina

New Bern, North Carolina, is not just a city rich in history and culture, but it’s also a city of celebrations. Each year, New Bern proudly hosts a series of annual events that bring the community together in joyous harmony, reflecting its vibrant spirit and diverse heritage.


1. MumFest: A Fall Extravaganza

a. A Multifaceted Festival

MumFest is one of New Bern’s premier events, offering a blend of family-friendly entertainment, delicious food, and lively music. It celebrates the richness of fall in a spectacular manner, attracting visitors from near and far.

b. Highlights and Features

This festival boasts a variety of attractions, including amusement rides, art displays, and live performances, presenting a kaleidoscope of experiences for all age groups.

2. North Carolina Jazz Festival

a. A Musical Symphony

The North Carolina Jazz Festival resonates with the timeless echoes of jazz, gathering renowned artists and jazz enthusiasts in a musical embrace, fostering the eternal spirit of this genre.

b. Jazz Sessions and Workshops

Apart from enchanting jazz sessions, the festival also offers workshops and interactive sessions, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the multifaceted world of jazz.


3. New Bern Fireman’s Museum Annual Parade

a. A Tribute to Bravery

This annual parade honors the valor and sacrifices of firefighters. It’s a day marked by respect, remembrance, and community solidarity, fostering a sense of gratitude towards these local heroes.

b. Firefighting Displays and Demonstrations

The event features a range of firefighting equipment displays and engaging demonstrations, offering insights into the challenging world of firefighting.

4. The Great Trent River Raft Race

a. A Nautical Adventure

The Great Trent River Raft Race is a signature event in New Bern, bringing together adventure seekers and water sports enthusiasts in a thrilling nautical expedition.

b. Raft Categories and Entertainment

With different raft categories and an array of entertainment options, this event offers a splash of excitement and a wave of enjoyment for participants and spectators alike.

5. New Bern Garden Club’s Annual Garden Tour

a. A Horticultural Journey

This event is a celebration of blooming splendor and horticultural elegance. It invites gardening aficionados to explore beautiful private gardens, gaining inspiration and knowledge.

b. Gardening Workshops and Exhibits

The Garden Tour also features various workshops and exhibits, offering gardening tips, landscaping ideas, and plant-care insights to attendees.

6. Ghostwalk: A Haunting Experience

a. Historical Exploration

Ghostwalk is a unique event that blends history with mystery. It invites brave souls to explore the haunted corners of New Bern, unveiling tales of ghosts and supernatural occurrences.

b. Theatrical Performances and Stories

This event is enriched by captivating theatrical performances and eerie storytelling sessions, adding a layer of enchantment to the haunting explorations.

7. ArtWalk and ARTcrawl

a. An Artistic Ensemble

ArtWalk and ARTcrawl are monthly events that transform New Bern into an open art gallery, displaying a plethora of artistic creations, from paintings to sculptures.

b. Interactive Art Sessions

These events also offer interactive art sessions and live demonstrations, allowing art enthusiasts to experience the creative process and meet local artists.

8. WinterFeast: Oysters, Brews, and Comfort Foods

a. Culinary Delight

WinterFeast is a culinary fiesta that warms the winter air with delicious brews, succulent oysters, and a variety of comfort foods, offering a gastronomical retreat.

b. Local Breweries and Restaurants

The event features local breweries and restaurants, providing a platform to savor the local flavors and culinary masterpieces of New Bern.

9. Run for the Warriors

a. A Race of Honor

Run for the Warriors is an annual race event in New Bern, symbolizing resilience and strength. It honors the sacrifices of the warriors and supports the wounded service members and their families.

b. Various Race Categories

With different race categories available, this event encourages participants of all levels to join in this noble cause, fostering a spirit of unity and respect.

10. Airlie Gardens Concert Series

a. Melodic Evenings

The Airlie Gardens Concert Series presents a sequence of musical evenings, featuring diverse genres and talents, creating an ambiance of melodic bliss in the scenic gardens.

b. A Blend of Music and Nature

This concert series offers a harmonious blend of music and nature, allowing attendees to relish the musical notes amid the whispering trees and blooming flowers.

Conclusion: A Year-Round Celebration of Diversity

New Bern, North Carolina, weaves a tapestry of events throughout the year, reflecting its vibrant diversity and communal harmony. From the melodious strands of the Jazz Festival to the haunting echoes of Ghostwalk; from the gastronomical delights of WinterFeast to the nautical adventures of The Great Trent River Raft Race, New Bern has something fun for everyone.