The Ultimate Shopper’s Guide to Pinehurst, North Carolina

Nestled within North Carolina’s Sandhills region, Pinehurst is renowned worldwide for its pristine golf courses. Yet, beneath its golfing façade lies a trove of shopping gems waiting to be discovered. From local artisans’ crafted goods to upscale boutiques, shopping in Pinehurst offers a blend of the traditional and contemporary. Dive in as we take you through Pinehurst’s best shopping spots.


1. Discovering Historic Downtown Pinehurst

Downtown Pinehurst offers more than just charming streets and architecture. It’s a hub for shoppers:

Local Artisan Shops:

Discover handcrafted jewelry, pottery, and artworks that tell the story of Pinehurst’s rich heritage.


High-end clothing and accessories boutiques offer the latest fashion trends.

Antique Stores:

Seek treasures from the past that give a nod to Pinehurst’s vibrant history.

2. The Pinehurst Market Square

This modern addition to the town is a blend of mainstream retailers and unique local stores. From fashion to tech, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

3. The Gift of Golf

Given its reputation, Pinehurst boasts a myriad of golf stores:

Pinehurst Pro Shops:

Offering exclusive golf merchandise, ensuring you remember your time on the greens.

Specialty Golf Stores:

Find the latest equipment, apparel, and gadgets to enhance your game.


4. Explore The Village Arboretum

Adjacent to the shopping areas, this space often hosts craft fairs and markets. Local artisans display their crafts, making it a perfect spot to grab a unique souvenir.

5. Wine and Dine While You Shop

Pinehurst isn’t just about retail:

Gourmet Food Stores:

Savor local delicacies, cheeses, and gourmet foods.

Wine Shops:

Sample the best of North Carolina vineyards and international favorites.

6. Bookworm’s Paradise

For those who love literature, Pinehurst offers cozy bookstores with a vast selection of genres. Engage in author meetings and book readings held regularly.

7. Home and Decor

Give your home a touch of Pinehurst:

Furniture Stores:

Ranging from contemporary designs to classic wooden finishes.

Art and Decor Stores:

Art pieces that resonate with Pinehurst’s essence.

8. Seasonal Shopping Festivities

During holidays, Pinehurst transforms into a festive marketplace. Special sales, Christmas markets, and pop-up stalls make it a shopper’s winter wonderland.

9. Shopping Events and Festivals

Keep an eye out for annual shopping events where local vendors offer discounts and showcase new products.

10. Tips for Shopping in Pinehurst

  • Plan Ahead: Especially during peak seasons.
  • Support Local: Embrace the local artisans and their crafts.
  • Stay Updated: Follow Pinehurst’s official tourism site for any special shopping events or festivals.


While Pinehurst, North Carolina may be internationally recognized for its golf courses, the shopping experiences it offers are equally compelling. With a harmonious blend of the town’s historic charm and modern retail therapy, shoppers can find both luxury items and quaint, handcrafted goods. Whether you’re looking for the perfect golfing gear, a piece of artisan jewelry, or just want to enjoy a day of retail indulgence, Pinehurst promises a shopping experience like no other.